We are always on the hunt for used gear in any condition. We will take it in trade, buy it from you, or sell it for you on consignment. No one gives more for used gear than us....

We carry all the accessories you'll ever need from Rock to School Band at the best prices.
Strings, picks, cables, capo's, reeds, valve oil etc. etc.
Here's a sampling of some of the cool pieces in stock NOW!

Easwood Airline Wicked cool!

Fender Mexican Strat..

Vintage Guild 12 String

Marshall 4x12 straight cab with 70's Grille cloth...

Mesa 1x12 w/Celestian Vintage 30

Fender Squier Classic Vibe Thinline Tele

Jay Turser Mustang

USA Handmade "Couch" Guitar Straps...